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F7WE 5in Single Din Car Raido Wireless Android Auto CarPlay HD Backup Cam Input

F7WE 5in Single Din Car Raido Wireless Android Auto CarPlay HD Backup Cam Input

F7WE 5in Single Din Car Raido Wireless Android Auto CarPlay HD Backup Cam Input    F7WE 5in Single Din Car Raido Wireless Android Auto CarPlay HD Backup Cam Input

ATOTO F7 WE Car Stereo Receiver - Wireless Trips! Model: F7EBG1A5WE ; Mounting style: USH05D (Universal Single-DIN Headunit with 5-inch Display). WIRELESS & wired CarPlay and WIRELESS & wired Android Auto. (compatibility information is specified in the corresponding sections below). HD 5 800X480 RGB Touchscreen with DBEF Tech.

Experience crystal-clear visibility with F7 WE's display, now enhanced with DBEF technology. Drive confidently even under bright sunlight with a screen that remains brilliantly clear.

445W, RMS 424W built-in amp. (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%, drives 4-8 ohm speakers); 10-band EQ with 7 presets. F7EBG1A5WE comes with a specific hardware solution to integrate iOS CarPlay or Android Auto into its system so that you can run iOS Maps or Google Maps/Waze/TomTom etc. HD 720P Front and Rear View Input with Live Rear View.

Supports hands-free calls and streaming music; safer driving when you can answer calls/hang up, play/pause, switch tracks, adjust the volume, etc. On the car stereo, with the steering wheel controls, or with ATOTO ACEB44F5 wireless remote (not included). Dedicated physical buttons for different functions are very easy to adjust the volume or wake up voice assistant, etc. Promote quick changes and safe driving. ATOTO does not stop developing new firmware versions to add new features and reduce bugs.

You can get them when available. 3 video inputs, Reversing Camera Input, AUX Audio/Video In & Front Camera Video In, can process 720P HD video signals.

For reversing camera input, you can connect a specified ATOTO HD rearview camera to F7EBG1A5WE for 720P video display (most other car stereo brands can only process CVBS 480-600 lines video signals). For F7 WE car stereos, the specified rearview camera is ACEBHD02LR.

2 RCA Headrest Video Outputs; 4-CH RCA Audio Out (4v) for connecting to a. One Micro SD slot - to store media files, up to 512GB. The latter reads up to 2TB SSD.

Both SD & SSD must be in FAT32 or NTFS format. WIRELESS CarPlay and Android Auto!

The advantages of CarPlay/Android Auto on F7 WE. No more searching for a holder that you find to be superfluous anyway.

No more entangled cords to distract you. For wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, the Bluetooth connection is quick. And after you make the connection for the first time, it will all be automatic. Bluetooth 5.3 Stable data transmission.

Thanks to the premium hardware inside, F7 WE is more than capable of delivering stable and reliable data transmission, both wirelessly (5G Wi-Fi) and weirdly (with USB), which is a strong bolster for you in driving. Great Performance Across All CarPlay/Android Auto Function s. Now we can make calls, send/receive messages, listen to music/radio/podcasts/news/audiobooks... On the car stereo while driving really conveniently. This, in turn, requires a car stereo that can adequately meet the demands of these functions in terms of audio and visual performance.

On F7 WE, the max. 445W amplifier with RMS 424W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%) makes sure that whether you are making a call, listening to your favorite music or podcasts, and so on, you can hear things clearly at a comfortable volume, powerful yet without any distortion. Well, in our own customer's exact words: I'm told that the sound is very clear.

DBEF touchscreen, other than its fantastic ultra-clear color rendition, offers great visibility even in broad daylight. This problem does not exist with F7 WE.

Wired CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 7.1 or higher. Wireless CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 or later models with iOS 9.0 or higher. Wired Android Auto is compatible with phones with Android 6.0 or higher. Original USB cable for wired connection. If you choose to use wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto, for fast charging, for instance, factory/original USB cables are required.

2 RCA video outputs let you connect up to 2 monitors. Experience the journey together with our mirrored display feature, seamlessly streaming your favorite movies, and media from the main screen to dual headrest displays - perfect for family trips and group travel, where shared viewing unites us all! Enhance your driving experience while retaining the familiarity and safety of your vehicle's original steering wheel controls. If you intend to keep the OEM SWC (steering wheel controls) with a 3rd party adapter, F7 offers a dedicated 3.5mm jack.

Or simply get the ATOTO ACEB44F5 remote control (not included). The 5-inch rectangular display with indented sides ensures minimal dashboard interference.

Compact chassis for more room. The chassis is only 50 mm deep, shorter than the typical depth.

Therefore, there is a larger space for cabling and other accessories. As this is a universally fit car stereo, extra accessories may be required to finish installation in a specific vehicle (not provided in the package).

They may include (but are not limited to) a dash frame kit, a wiring harness, a radio antenna adapter, a data interface, etc. ATOTO ACEB44F5 Steering wheel control IR Remote. ATOTO ACEBHD02LR Live Rearview Camera (F7 is NOT compatible with ACEBHD03LR). HD 800X480 RGB Display with DBEF tech. ATOTO's RGB touchscreen brings the world to life with rich, true-to-life colors.

Whether navigating the city or watching a scenic clip, every hue pops and dazzles. And thanks to the cutting-edge DBEF technology, enjoy a brighter display that's energy-efficient, ensuring clarity even under the sun. AutoLink (MirrorLink) allows you to cast what's displayed on your smartphone to F7's screen. You can run online GPS navigation apps Google Maps, Waze, Tomtom, etc.

Or play videos on YouTube, etc. On F7EBG1A5WE's 5-inch screen. AutoLink is compatible with the latest Android & iOS smartphone models. Considering that neither CarPlay nor Andriod Auto is compatible with video apps such as YouTube, AutoLink provides an alternative option.

Important: Some video streaming services Netflix, AMZ Prime, Disney +, etc. With very few smartphones with a curved screen, there may be a tiny black area on the 4 edges of F7EBG1A5WE's screen. This is caused by differences in firmware and the layout of the curved screen. Sealed Core System does not support third-party application downloads.

HD 720P rearview video display with Live Rear-View (LRV) feature. Typically, car stereos can only process and display 480-600 lines CVBS rearview video signals. Say goodbye to snowy static pictures when reversing your vehicle. Live Rear-View (LRV) - Now you can access the rear view even if your vehicle in moving ahead. This frees you from obstructions of passengers, headrests and the vehicle's roof and rear pillars, increasing the field of view and offering the driver a clear view of the lanes behind and common blind-spots.

You can set one of the steering wheel keys as a shortcut for quick access. For camera installation, consider the following.

Check camera compatibility with F7WE (details in manual). Ensure the rear camera has a reversing signal wire for rear-view functionality. Use a wiring/video signal converter if your factory cameras aren't CVBS or lack RCA output. Connect the front camera to the car's fuse box for power and ground. F7EBG1A5WE is equipped with a built-in amplifier with max. 445W, RMS 424W: (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%, drives 4-8 ohm speakers), offering great audio experiences. You can also connect an external amplifier or factory amplifier via the 4 RCA jacks in the back (4v).

The built-in 10-band EQ with 7 presets allows you to adjust the frequencies to your liking. 7 Backlights and 1 Loop.

The panel can change to 7 different backlight settings, plus one loop mode, with switching times ranging from 1-30 seconds. Cycle through 7 vibrant backlight colors for an upgraded, personalized look in your car and to reduce driver fatigue.

Registering products helps you obtain support easily with top priority as we can access the initial order details & the product SN code. ATOTO has been continuously improving the system firmware of the F7 series every few months once necessary. Find notifications about available firmware updates at ATOTO Online Support System (resources.

Aotule Car Electronics, the precursor of ATOTO, was founded on 2008, and we have been manufacturing and distributing Car entertaiment & accessories for years. We focus on car electronics product, such as OEM and universal android car multimedia? From design to manufacture, we do our utmost to control every process and detail, to make our android car audio products much better and more reliable. What's more, All of our products pass CE and FCC standards from SGS.

We believe that all-win is the basic for long-time business. Everybody in our company should be treated equally and respected fully. And we advocate optimistic attitude to life and work. In the unlikely event that you encounter any quality-related issues with the product, we have two options available to you. We value our customers and strive to provide excellent after-sales service and support. Non-Working time reply on 48 hours.
F7WE 5in Single Din Car Raido Wireless Android Auto CarPlay HD Backup Cam Input    F7WE 5in Single Din Car Raido Wireless Android Auto CarPlay HD Backup Cam Input