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For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 Bluetooth APP Hex RGB Angel Eyes Kit LED Boards

For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 Bluetooth APP Hex RGB Angel Eyes Kit LED Boards

For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 Bluetooth APP Hex RGB Angel Eyes Kit LED Boards    For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 Bluetooth APP Hex RGB Angel Eyes Kit LED Boards

For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 2021 Bluetooth APP RF Wireless Multi Color Hexagon Hex RGB LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings DRL Boards. This page features this all-new designed RGB Multi-Color LED Angel Eyes Kit with Bluetooth-compatible (BT) App and RF Remote control.

Instead of having a traditional IR remote, the RF remote control really has long-distance control and can be controlled in the car interior with strong stability. At the same time, the controller is with a BT module. Your smartphone or Tablet now turns into a multi-function remote to give you all the color hues, the flashing patterns, music mode and sound active recognition! Simply download the app Lotus Lantern to get started and get all of the colors dynamic experience at your fingertips.

100% brand new, top quality. Wireless control from your Smartphone or Tablet using Lotus Lantern BT App. Comes with newly upgraded Radio Frequency (RF) remote control with 60 ft range.

Made with high quality Ultra bright 3-Emitter 5050 RGB SMD LED lights. Have the receiver of the module box placed behind the headlight for better reception.

Important: This is RGB led angel eyes developed by top technology, it is different from other brands RGB led angel eyes. It uses the highest-end and most popular control methods in the world today, it is RF Remote control and BT transmission technology. Comparison WIFI and Bluetooth-compatible (BT).

The Mustang's factory headlamps are fitted with signature "tribar" DRLs. By replacing the circuit boards inside with Geerge LED circuit boards, you can add full multicolor functionality, along with 2 pcs RGB led angel eyes, to seriously make your ride stand out! You can choose different kit, the most complete suit is the coolest. The complete kit includes 2 pieces of Multi Color hexagonal shape LED halo rings, with both Bluetooth-compatible APP and Wireless RF remote control. Inspired from the latest Euro Bimmer laser tech headlight design.

Compare to other Hex Angel Eyes. This one is different from other Hex angel eyes.

It is more milk white cotton light cover outward, the lighting is more smoother, not dazzling. The colors are more vivid and brilliant, especially the control performance, which is much better than other products. Especially the control performance, it is much better than other similar products, also, It has working state memory function. All LED chips are evenly spaced on the whole rings, without any dark area.

Long lifespan, energy saving, exquisite appearance, smooth lighting. It uses posts to fix the circuit board and cover, and inside the headlight, this fixation is obviously stronger.

Stable quality control chip, it will bring you a longer experience, which is based on 15 years of rich product experience. With Premium Quality Cotton Cover, Super Bright, Long Lasting. No flicker and no dark spots. More Efficiency, Powerful And Focus. LED chip: Upgrade LED chip, more Brighter.

Keep the temperature low & remain stable performance. Low power consumption, long service life, high luminous efficiency. Multi-color function: Color changes has more than 20 flashing/strobe modes, with music response function, disco mode, voice control, flashing mode, static model, gradual change mode, seven color pattern and so on. And the color mixed with three main colors of red, green and blue. Improves the look and feel of your vehicle.

For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 2021 please Make sure your car headlights is same as the pictures, if not the same, it is not suitable. 2 pcs Hex rings kit. The kit you received should include. 2 x RGB multi color Hex rings, based on your vehicle. 2 x led drivers (For Rings).

1 x multi color controller, with 2 connectors and receiver (Bluetooth App + RF W/ Wireless Remote). 1 x Universal installation manual. Some double-sided tape (Installation aid). 6 pcs LED Boards kit. 6 x RGB LED Boards.

1 x multi color controller, with 4 connectors and receiver (Bluetooth App + RF W/ Wireless Remote). Geerge Factory products are different from other brands or Non brand. Now discuss 131mm as an example. A and B are other brand or no brand goods.

Same diameter of the ring, the difference in the quantity of led lights. Geerge Factory product: : 45 leds.

Led chip quality is not the same. Geerge Factory product: : Epistar 5050 chip led.

A and B : no brand chip led. Protection measures and heat dissipation performance comparison. Geerge Factory product: Special silicone, 1:1 heat dissipation, protection chip and electronic components to prevent burn out. Wire processing, to prevent pulling, resulting in shedding.

Geerge product: Use integrated protection to prevent the wires from falling off. Geerge Factory product: : 20 cm. A and B: 10 cm.

A and B: 0.5 mm. Brightness: Also in the state of 100% brightness, Comparing white brightness.

There are a lot of different things, I hope these tests and descriptions can help you choose the products you need. App Lotus Lantern can Compatible with IOS or Android system.

You can search " Lotus Lantern " on APP STORE or play store. APP STORE and play store. You can also scan the QR code to download the app directly.

This APP can Compatible with Geerge products only, if any problems in other products, We are not responsible. You can not use other APP control the Geerge products, if any problems, we are not responsible. In order to satisfy better experience, we will improve the functionality of app, new version will be released in the future, you can update it.

If you need to change your address, please change it before you pay. We are not responsible for international duty or custom charge. Normally, takes 2-8 weeks to deliver. All products are brand new, never been used or refurbished.

ANY installations of parts & accessories on the interior/exterior of your vehicle are recommended to be done by any of your local Qualified car parts experts/individuals ONLY! Product specifications and contents subject to change without prior notice, actual product may differ slightly from picture shown if the product was updated. 1If damaged is caused by:Undue wear and tear, dirt, misused, improper installation or operation, neglect, accident. 2If the item was opende, removed any parts of the item or repaired by unauthorized people. We check all items before sending out.

Broken items: If you received a broken item or missing item, please kindly keep all the package materieal, take pictures and send. To us within 7 days. We only accept cases reported and provided pictures to us within 7 days. We will help you claim damage or lost. Please wait for the result. Geerge focuses on the development, production and sales of automotive LED lighting. It has rich experience in car modification and has a mature team to help you solve problems. Wish we do the happy business together and can be the Long Term Partners. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern!
For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 Bluetooth APP Hex RGB Angel Eyes Kit LED Boards    For Ford Mustang 2018 2019 2020 Bluetooth APP Hex RGB Angel Eyes Kit LED Boards